College can be a great investment or a complete waste of a large sum of money depending on how you use the degree (or if you ever complete the course work). If you spend a lot for a specialized degree that you never use, college can go from a quality investment to improve your future earnings into a bad investment and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted money.

As with all investments, the more research you do about what you want to do and what degree will be most beneficial to you, the more likely that college will end up a good investment rather than a poor one.


  • Spending the money for a college education. I work in the gaming industry. My degree was a waste of money.

    I went through 3 years of dental school. My college degree is in chemistry with 30-semester hrs of accounting. I wanted to become a pharmacist after I decided that dentistry wasn’t for me but the schools wouldn’t accept any transferred credits towards a pharmacy degree even though I have taken about 90% of the curriculum for a pharmacist.

    Although I have made a big sum in the stock market I could have only have imagined the amount of money I would have now with that wasted capital. – submitted by JBinkC

  • The first two years of college at a private university when I could have gotten the same from a local school. Being salutatorian, I definitely was expected to go to a four-year private school, so I never considered otherwise. Even though I had great scholarships and financial aid, I still graduated with the aforementioned $15k in debt, which never seems like a big deal at the time you take out the loans. Still paying it off 7 years later with a few years left…but I’m not saying college was not worth the money, but you don’t always need the biggest and best. – submitted by jodi_m