Worst Investments

People love to talk about the best investments they have ever made, but rarely will you hear anyone bragging about the worst investments they have ever made. The problem is that it’s just as important to avoid the bad investments as finding the good investments if you want to keep and make your investments grow.

This site is dedicated to highlighting the worst investments that are out there with the personal testimonials from readers as to their worst investments. While it isn’t always fun admitting the past mistakes you have made, by sharing you can help others avoid the exact same mistake you made.

We encourage you to submit your worst investments to us by email or submitting it to our forums so that we can share it others and they can learn from your experience.

While some of the investments highlighted are just plain bad no matter how you look at it, others are not necessarily bad in themselves, but ended up being bad due to certain circumstances on the particular investment that person made. Whichever the case, it’s important to look at the factors that lead the person to make the poor investment decision as well as the investment itself.

We encourage all to read through the listings here and learn from other’s experiences so that you can avoid making the same terrible investment decision.